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    “Some day my prince will come!” But what if every prince turns out to be a frog, and your clock is ticking? Our first children's book, The Adventures of Princess Mommy, by Ali Sherwin, is a charming and much needed fairy tale for single mothers and their children. Illustrated by the author, in the style of a medieval illuminated book, and designed with production values intended to make it a cherished family heirloom, it tells of Princess Mommy's quest for the prince with whom to make her child. Princess Mommy is a courageous woman who likes to have adventures and tame dragons. Like many contemporary women, she discovers that the princes she meets are frogs in disguise. She decides to have her baby before it is too late, without waiting any longer for her prince, although she doesn't rule out the possibility that he will turn up later, and join her and her baby in their further adventures. With the help of her family and of a Wise Woman, she selects the seed that will make her miracle child. The story ends with the birth of the child to whom it is being read. This book is the first of our series designed for parents and children dealing with specific contemporary issues. It is strongly recommended for single mothers and those who have had a child through assisted reproductive technology. Listed as a recommended book by many IVF clinics and by Single Mothers By Choice.

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    In addition to The Adventures of Princess Mommy, Ali Sherwin is the author of The Sex Monster, a novel to be published by 13TH Moon Press in Fall 2009. The Sex Monster is a darkly funny tale of relationships in the age of AIDS. Sherwin was recently a semifinalist for the Boston Fiction Festival.     She has participated twice in the Boston New York AIDS ride, and has run more than twelve marathons. Her decision to become a single mother was the subject of a February 2007 profile in Jewish Weekly, in which she used the pseudonym Andy . She will be the subject of a follow-up piece to be released in Spring 2009.