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 Volume 23(Untitled) has work by 24 artists and 3 sets of collaborators. 


Volume 22 Issue #0 (Gravitational Intrigue) has work by Mark Amerika, Christopher Funkhouser, Pierrre Joris, Stuart Moulthrop, Nicole Peyrafitte, and others.:

Volume 21 Issue #0 (The Egg of Thought) has work by Charles Bernstein, Nathaniel Mackey, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Tuli Kupferberg, Lisa Jarnot, Jackson Mac Low, Hakim Bey and others. 

Volume 24 Issue #1 of The Little Magazine, edited by Ron MacLean and Jan Ramjerdi, will be a special issue on the fiction of Eugene Garber, its first editor at The University at Albany.  It will be published in simultaneous CD-ROM and print versions, although some of the multimedia work can only appear on the CD-RM.   Advance subscription price is $11.99. 

 Volume 23 Issue #2 and #3 will focus on   flash fiction and poetry, and on the grotesque.


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  Volume 22


  Volume 21

huth lm  2005

 Volume 22 Issue #3, 2005(Untitled) , originally an online issue, has work by Bob Grenier, Jean Roelke, Michael Basinski, Scott Helmes, John M. Bennett, Geof Huth, Ric Royer, Jim Lefwich, and Kathy Ernst. 


 Volume 21 Issue #3 (Mapping)originally an online issue, has work by Nicole Peyrafitte, Richard Kostelanetz, Mark Amerika, Edward Desautels, E. Alice Oh, and others.   

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upcoming and archived print versions : single issue : $19.99; 1 volume (3 issues) print version: $44.99; 3 volumes (9 issues) $83.99

upcoming and archived CD-ROM versions: single issue: $11.99 ; 1 volume (3 issues): $29.99; 3 volume (9 issues): $34.99.


 Volume 22 Issue #2 (The Hypertext Mechanic) originally an online issue has work by Davis Schneiderman with Matt Kirkpatrick, Jason Nelson, Vladimir Volodja, Rob Wittig, Lin Min Hua, Ben Miller, Thomas lavazzi, and Richard Kostelanetz.

lmh22 2

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Volume 21 Issue #2 (Visual Behaviors / Virtual Productions)  

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